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The Parachute Center is located south of Sacramento on Highway 99. From I-80, I-50, or I-5, take Highway 99 south about 27 miles from the interchange in Sacramento. Go past Elk Grove and Galt. About 4 miles south of Galt, you will need to take the Jahant Exit off the Highway and go south on the access road (on the Jahant exit you turn left at the stop sign, then straight at the next stop sign, then at the T intersection which is the 3rd stop sign turn left) and the access road will follow around the edge of the Lodi Airport. The Parachute Center is located on the south side of the Airport. Follow the Parachute signs and we will be located on the right side.

If you are traveling north on I-5 take Hwy 4 east in Stockton to Highway 99. The Parachute Center is located north of Stockton and Lodi. Exit at Peltier Road, then turn right at the stop sign. Take another right at the next stop sign which will take you over the freeway you were just on. Take the next immediate right as soon as you cross the overpass (there is no stop sign at this turn) then proceed north along the freeway for 1/2 mile. You will see the Parachute Center on the left.

If you are Hwy 12 go east from the Bay Area to Lodi. Then take Hwy 99 North and follow the instructions from above

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